Discover a High Quality Biometric Access Control Reader Supplier



Discover a series of indoor and outdoor biometric access control readers supplier. Combine authentication factors to match your security requirements.Today, let’s introduce one of company which focus in the biometric fields for years and learn about biometric reader access control developing history.

BioID, Founded in 2005 and privately held, BioID Technologies Limited is a global leader in biometric identity management solutions deployed in more than 90 countries. BioID offerings fingerprint reader access control device cover a wide range of markets and applications including law enforcement agencies, governments, financial institutions, defense departments as well as private enterprises. BioID biometric technologies and expertise are helping organizations of all sizes achieve new levels of efficiency to solve the identity management challenge faced in everyday life.

Backed by more than 10 years of experience in biometrics, we continually develop innovative technologies and reliable industry products which allow us to find the optimal solutions for customers in any market. BioID people have a deep understanding of the forces of chance in the markets we served, and respond positively and effectively to questions addressed by end-users to reflect BioID advanced biometrics capabilities by solving the problems. We dedicate considerable R&D resources to develop new products and meet client needs.

We collaborate with customers, technology and strategic partners, as well as system integrators to deliver BioID biometric solutions and ensure optimal end-user outcomes. We dedicate ourselves to the development of cost effective and best in class products while not compromising the quality to serve customers.

Here is one of feature model introduce from the Biometric Access Control Reader supplier:

The BioSingle™ is a high-end fingerprint scanner that meets the U.S. government’s stringent biometric standard FBI PIV IQS specs and delivers the reliable results for applicant biometric fingerprint identity management. The BioSingle™ employs the most advanced optical technology, algorithm and dedicated special light source that allow high speed fingerprint image capturing and seamless image processing which ensure the best image quality of prints. The BioSingle™ is absolutely your logical choice for commercial and civil related fingerprint enrollment and identification
applications. Contact us for more information.


• FBI PIV IQS certification
• High quality fingerprint acquisition
• Ergonomic design with extra wide platen
• Easy integration into multiple applications
• Red LED indicators during fingerprint capture
• Rugged housing adapts to any harsh environment
• Wide platen size to ensure the richest area of fingerprints


• Capture Mode: Single flats
• Type of Sensor: Optical and scratch proof CMOS
• Image Quality: FBI PIV IQS certified
• Resolution: 500 dpi, 256 levels of gray
• Image Size: 448×448 pixels
• MTBF: more than 50,000 hours
• Image Format: BMP, WSQ
• Light Source: Red LED lights
• Dimensions: 5.7”(L)x2.4”(W)x1.2”(D)
• Weight: 300g
• Capture Area: 1.2”x1.2”
• Ingress Protection: IP65 rated
• Fingerprint Capture Speed: about 0.5 second
• Interface: USB 2.0
• Power Supply: 5V DC supplied via PC
• Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
• Software: Scan demo and essential SDK
• Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
• Humidity Range: 10% to 90%, non-condensing


Voter’s fingerprint capture to build electoral database, avoid duplication registration and eliminate the ghost voters

Citizen’s fingerprint enrollment to create civil registry or ID authentication when issue orrenew e-documents.

ID card, Visa, e-Passport check by comparison of fingerprint data in document with holder’s live capture on the spot

Account holder’s identity authentication when he or she opens a new bank account or makes wire transfer

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